Category: Symptoms

  • What should individuals do if they think they may have been infected?

    Those who think they may have been exposed to coronavirus, either through travel to an affected area or close contact with someone who has a confirmed case, should call a healthcare professional if they have any of the symptoms. It is important to call first, so that the clinic or hospital can prepare and prevent […]?

  • Are individuals contagious before they develop symptoms?

    There is evidence that the novel coronavirus can be spread before an individual develops symptoms. This poses a problem because people who do not know they are infected may continue to go to work, school, and other public places. People who are sick and have symptoms are more likely to stay home, which means fewer […]?

  • What are the symptoms in children?

    Children with COVID-19 may have mild, cold-like symptoms, such as fever, runny nose, and cough, and some children experience vomiting and diarrhea. Occasionally, a child gets really sick after being infected with COVID-19. There have been some rare reports of children who have multi-system inflammatory syndrome, which has been compared to Kawasaki disease or toxic […]?